Francis O. Ogweng (ASP)


Francis O. Ogweng (ASP) is the Co-founder and Chairman of Wang-oo Forum and currently the UNWOMENHeforShe Ambassador and HeforShe Champion at Uganda Police. He is actively engaged in the HeforShe Campaign that brings male counterparts in the fight and suppression of gender based violence in Uganda. In his current position as the Child and Family Protection Officer at Child and Family Protection Department, Police Headquarters, Kampala, he is involved in organizing trainings, workshops, radio talk shows and other campaigns aimed at sensitizing, creating awareness and empowering men and boys to be agents of change and advocates for the achievement of gender equality and women’s rights in Uganda.

He is graduate with a Masters of Arts in Gender Studies from School of Women and Gender StudiesMakerere University, Uganda and also holds a Bachelor’s in Education  from Gulu University, Uganda and Diploma in Information Technology Business from Uganda Institute of Communication Technology.