Policy Development and Advocacy

Version 2

“Gender-based Violence in Uganda is systemic and normalized – and has to be challenged”!

Uganda has one of the world’s most progressive gender justice and equality frameworks, which includes the Constitution, Uganda Gender Policy,  and Domestic Violence Act 2010. However, the country is bedeviled with incessant and higher rates of violence, which are usually perpetrated by men. Sexual violence, including domestic abuse, rape, assault, and murder, are far too common. What is particularly worrying is that some of these cases are not dealt with as recommend and recognized to be done by the relevant law enforcement institutions or local community leaders.

Our Policy Development and Advocacy (PDA) team consist of policy analysts, researchers, and lawyers who base their practice in activism and disrupting the status quo- relaxed implementation of the laws, impunity, and shielding of perpetrators. They – and Wang-oo advocate for progressive legislation and policy on gender equality, and gender-based violence to empower and protect women, children, and vulnerable men, and to cultivate positive masculinities.