Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation


As part of our contribution to ending all forms of violence against women and girls in Uganda, Wang-oo is committed to knowledge creation and evidence-based research. It is our aim to continually strengthen gender justice and male engagement organizations in and around Africa and the World. Accordingly, we collaborate with recognized research partners to undertake critical research projects, contributing to an evidence and knowledge base of transforming gender relations and promoting positive masculinities to end violence against women and girls.

More so,  Wang-oo is committed to building the internal capacity of our organizational partners to develop effective monitoring and evaluation systems with which they can track, measure and improve their own work. Thus, our Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit gathers, structures and analyses data, in order to measure the effectiveness and impact of our work. The unit also provides technical guidance on research design and methodology, and, on improving and standardizing the internal monitoring and evaluation process. We also support partners to undertake context-specific research to inform their own work.