Our Work

Why Wang-oo Forum

As prominent in other countries across the globe, Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Uganda also remains a national concern. GBV is highlighted in the Second National Development Plan (NDP II – 2015/16-2019/20) as a critical human right, public health and economic concern with 56 percent of women citing having experienced physical violence by the age of 15 years while 28 percent women aged 15-49 citing having ever experienced sexual violence compared to 9 percent of men in the same age group. One recent, important and worrying trend of violence against women in Uganda is the incessant killing of 23 women between May and August 2017, in Nansana and Entebbe (suburbs of Kampala) in Uganda, which are widely believed to be targeted to female gender and executed by the male criminals.  Additionally, despite the exant and progressive growing of various GBV elimination oriented organizations in Uganda, there is limited / no engagement of men in the fight against the elimination of violence against women and girls.

Wang-oo’s Theory of Change

At Wang-oo Forum, we believe and agree with the international community including the UNWomen that the male’s engagement is crucial for the comprehensive elimination of various forms of violence against women and girls. Thus, for peace in the Home to Peace in the Nation and safety of Women and girls, it is imperative to include males”. Thus, Wang-oo affirms the need to “Leaves No One Behind –in Ending Violence against Women and Girls”.

Accordingly, our work serves to provide a comprehensive widow that supports the various work against GBV and most importantly fill the grim lacuna: limited and/ or no engagement with males in the work of various organizations working towards the elimination of violence against women and girls.

Emmanuel Kodwo Mensah, Co-founder engaging participants at The Gender Mainstreaming Directorate’s One Stop Centre and Public Dialogue on Ending GBV in Institutions of 
Learning and places of work at Makerere University Freedom Square during the during   16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based 
Violence (GBV) on 29th and 30th November, 

Our Focus

The principal focus of our work is to engage and empower males to unlearn and end violence against women and girls in Uganda, however, we work together with other international and local Human rights and Women’s rights groups and allies. We respond to the identified lacuna among various GBV elimination oriented organizations by:

  • Organizing small community meetings and workshops, engagement and dialogue with men and boys in the most convenient places and time.
  • Utilizing the already existing men and boys groups such as Men’s Fellowships, SACCOs, Evenings gatherings, staff rooms, bus parks, markets, factories, village meetings, mosques, after mass gatherings etc.
  • Registrations of members, signing the pledge or commitment forms, election of group monitors and coordinators to keep track of members.
  • Identifying and recognizing male champions, role models and best practices.
  • Creating a network of champions and forming social networks.
  • Participating in public GBV campaigns, processions, dialogue, media campaigns, community sensitization,
  • Using drama, songs, poems and testimonies as a tool to campaign against GBV.